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Original Farmhouse
Original Buildings

The original farm house was built in the 1780’s and developed and expanded over the years and was known as Hedgecocks Farm between 1871 and 1896

1895 > 1914
Oakhurst Grange

Purchased in 1895 by Duchess of San Teodora and her husband Don Marcantonio (the Prince Assistant to the Pope) she changed the name to Oakhurst Grange ( this is from the village of Oakwoood Hill a few miles away from the house)

The Duchess lived here until her death in 1912

1912 >1914
Mr C J Wood

the house then passed to Mr C J Woods for these two years

1914 > 1949
Honeywood House

In 1914 the house and land was purchased by Lord Tredegar whose wife lived in the house until her death in 1949, she rarely lived with her husband who resided in his ancestral home in Wales, it was she who renamed the house Honeywood House

During the Second World War (1943 > ) The Canadian Army, The Third Division Ordnance Field Park was billeted here and by this time the Viscountess was only living in one wing of the house.

Sale of the Estate and Grounds

The House and the rest of the Estate, 172 acres of land , Farms and cottages was sold off in 11 lots by Messrs King and Chasemore ,

the house was sold freehold for £6450


Nursing Home

Honeywood House became a nursing home in 1955 when it was aquired by Mr Sidney Miller and Mr John Bellord, it was registered as a convalescence and recuperation home with the Charity Commission and its first Matron was Miss J Sparrow

Scandal and new beginnings

in 1977 both Bellord and Miller were jailed for 6 years for fraud and stealing £10,749 from the Honeywood House Convalescence trust.

It was at this time that Mrs Margaret Cutler (secretary of the Nursing Home) took up the gauntlet and saved the home from closing, she became General manager and Head trustee and worked until her retirement at the age of 82 in 2012

September 1995
One foot in the Grave

In September 1995 the BBC filmed their popular comedy series "One foot in the Grave" Christmas Special at Honeywood House for the princely sum of £1000