Office - 01306 627389 9am> 5pm

Nurses - 01306 627240 24hrs

A wide range of services and amenities are included in our fee’s 

The weekly fee includes

  • 24 Hour Personal Care
  • Care Reviews
  • Liaison with outside agencies such as medical practitioners, district nurses, and other multidisciplinary teams
  • Meals
    Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and language therapy (under NHS referral not private)
  • Events
  • Access to Lounge and Gardens
  • Utilities
  • Bedding and Towels
  • Laundry Services
  • TV Licence for all areas (as long as your own TV is gifted to the home)
    Office services such as photocopying
  • Annual testing of personal electrical equipment
  • Up to £500 per resident of insurance cover for small personal items
    Access to Wifi in communal areas

*  All activities and services are subject to amendment and cancellation as dictated by Government Guidelines